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What customers are saying about Flappy Fish Friend

All my pets love it!
Jamie Y. Verified Review
Both my dogs and my cat go crazy for Flappy Fish Friend! I had to buy multiple because every time our cat was playing with it, the dogs came to play and scared her away. I stuff hers with catnip and watch her go nuts! 
Great for working at home
Kendall C. Verified Review
Working from home is tough on my doggo, since he knows I'm home but I can't always play. Flappy Fish Friend has been a godsend - all I have to do is turn it on and my dog gets the exercise he needs. He's pooped after 20 or so minutes and then naps, all while I'm working. Really pleased with this purchase.
Great for indoor activity
Ruth P. Verified Review
We got a puppy in the fall, right before the snow and cold weather hit. Some days it's too snowy to take the pup out, so we toss him his Flappy Fish Friend and he springs to life. It's so cute watching him jump around in the pounce position, strategizing on the best way to catch the fish. Love this toy!
Durability is great!
Leonard S. Verified Review
We have a big golden retriever who gets pretty aggressive with his toys, and Flappy Fish Friend has held up remarkably well. His teeth don't penetrate the fabric or damage the battery, even if we stuff the hidden pouch with treats. Very impressed with its durability.
Easy to clean and charge
Meghan J. Verified Review
The battery on this fish is awesome. My cat plays with it on and off all day and the battery will last a few days. Whenever I need to charge it, I also toss the plush part in the wash for a quick clean. Great fun from such a simple and easy product.
Use the hidden pouch
Krys B. Verified Review
Pro Tip: use the hidden pouch to put your pet's favorite treats inside. My cat was having fun with Flappy Fish Friend, but once I put some catnip inside, he was flipping around the house just like the fish. I really like the smart sensor too because it makes the toy feel more realistic. My cat thinks he can outsmart it, but he can't.
Frequently asked questions

Cats, dogs, and other house pets are OK to play with Flappy Fish Friend. If your pet is stimulated by movement, this is the toy for them!

Yes, just make sure you remove the motor and use pet-safe detergent.

Yes! No more worrying about buying batteries, just plug it in to charge.

Flappy Fish Friend - Silver Tuna charging takes about an hour.

A standard charge will give your pet a few hours of play. Acutal battery use-time depends on how your pet interacts with the toy.

Flappy Fish Friend is built for play with almost all household pets. That said, atypically big dogs with large, strong jaws may bite with enough force to damage the motor. After you receive the product, you should be able to discern if your pet can play with it. If it is not suitable for your pet, you are able to return it.

No, do not place or use Flappy Fish Friend in water, as it may damage the battery or cause injury to your pet.

We offer a 30 day money-back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason within 30 days, simply contact our customer care center for a full refund of your initial order.

Our team of professionals are located in the US.

Your Flappy Fish Friend - Silver Tuna will arrive within 2-3 days.

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Verfified Purchase

Looks and acts just like a real fish!

This toy is so realistic, I think that's why my pets love it. It knows when they are playing with it an starts flopping around like a real fish. They have so much fun playing with it.

Chase K.

Verified Purchase

Super Fun!

I'm loving this toy, and my cats love it even more! It produces such wholesome fun - we can't get enough! Definitely recommending it to my other pet-owning friends!

Melissa T.

Verified Purchase